Association Roads and Commons

Below is a list of FAQs related to Trailwood Subdivision roads and some infomation about the Trailwood commons area.

To report any problems related to the roads, please contact:

Snow Plowing Related FAQs:

We get a number of questions from homeowners over the course of the winter about snow plowing. The following should answer your questions.

How do we select our Snow Plow contractor?

Each year we put out bids to a number of contractors. We explore both fixed number of pushes and unlimited. In recent years we’ve gone with unlimited push plans that offer a reduced rate if a minimum number of pushes are met.

How does the snow contractor plow?

The snow contractor will plow for any snowfall of 2 inches or more. For smaller snowfalls, the contractor will make one push at the end of the snowfall. For larger snowfalls the contractor prefers to do multiple passes during the storm. When doing multiple passes, generally the contractor will do a number of quick plows, clearing just one lane or two lanes on all roads to provide some access. As they get further along through the storm they generally get a wider pass down the roads. In the largest storms they may end up going through the neighborhood 5 or 6 times. Allow 12 hours after the end of a snowfall for the final clearing to happen.

We have specified that snow may not be pushed or dumped into any sidewalk or driveway openings. Note, however that windrows, the snow routinely rolling off the plow, will fall across your driveway and walk openings. Ending pushes, piles and dumps are prohibited from drive and walk openings. Windrows will be evenly split down streets. Cul-de-sacs may get somewhat larger windrows on the outside than in the island due to the plow’s difficulty windrowing to the inside of a turn.

The snow contractor generally won’t plow between 7 and 9AM as this is when most people are heading off to work, school buses are navigating the streets, etc. To effectively push snow, the plow trucks need a clean run at the streets, having to stop for cars backing up and school buses picking up children. They will try to clear before and after that time as necessary.

Whom do I contact if I have a problem with snow plowing?

We ask that everyone call the Board Snow/Lawn Contracts Manager regarding a problem with the snow plowing. This helps to insure that the board knows about issues and common problems and can both address them this year, and the following year when renewing or getting new contracts.

What should I do if I have lawn or property damage?

Our plowing contract calls for the contractor to repair all plow-scraped sod areas that are greater than 1 square yard and all sprinklers, pipes and fittings damaged by the plows. Please report all such damages to the Snow/Lawn contract manager by March 30. Scraped sod measuring less than 1 square yard is the homeowner’s responsibility. Be sure to include your name, phone number and address on all plowing complaints and damage reports, so that we may follow-up with you on your call. Camera-dated photos taken as soon as possible after any damage are also very helpful for documentation.

How and when do we salt?

Our snow contract does not include automatic salting/sanding. We do have a contract rate for salt applications and generally try to use it sparingly. We try to limit salt when possible to only intersections and only when its necessary. On occasion we have luck with getting the county to salt Canton Center but not the other roads in the neighborhood.

What can all homeowners do to help with snow removal?

Please do not leave cars parked in the streets after a snow storm. The plows will windrow around cars parked on the street and will not return to clean this area up when the car is finally moved. If you must leave a car parked on the street through plowing, please clean this area after the car is moved.

Please do not blow or shovel snow into the street, particularly after the plow has come through. The plow will not return to clean snow thrown into the street and this may cause slippery spots for you and your neighbors.

Homeowners are required to clean their public sidewalks. We especially appreciate corner lot dwellers who make the extra effort to clear the openings at corners. With the new written requirement that plows not pile snow in these areas, we hope these openings will be easier to keep clean and safe for all walkers.

What comprises Trailwood?

The Trailwood Homeowners Association was incorporated to serve the homeowners of Trailwood Subdivision II and III located in Plymouth Township, Wayne County, Michigan. association consists of 376 homeowners located within the 2 subdivisions which is bounded roughly by Ann Arbor Rd. on the south, Baywood and Trailwood on the East, Valley, Woodleigh and Riveredge on the North, and Tennyson Drive on the West. Deeded to the association for the benefit of all association members are commons areas referred to asParks "A", "B", & "C".

Commons area